Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dinner at Mary Mac's in Atlanta

After a very full day at the Atlanta Aquarium, we enjoyed dinner at Mary Mac's Tea Room on Tuesday night with our Atlanta friends, the Lotts. After getting to know them well by phone and email through the adoption process, it seemed so natural meeting them in person—as if we'd known them forever. It was a wonderful evening of traditional southern cooking and excellent friendship. The good people at Mary Mac's gave us our own private room which was a great move on their part, all things considered.

Check it out... The Lotts and Leones have some similar-looking families... Needless to say, it was an energetic evening with thirteen kids! We received a bundle of questions from the proprietors of the restaurant.

If you're considering a minority adoption, I highly recommend Courtney and Emory Lott and their Faithful Adoption Consultants agency. 

Marguerite and Emmy play at dinner.
Kathleen makes friends with Emmy.
Andrew, William, Aidan, and Michael become fast pals over dinner. 
Mina and Kathleen are buddies.
The Lott and Leone families. All seventeen of us!

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