Saturday, September 26, 2009


All is very quiet on the adoption front.

After our two disappointing fall-throughs this summer, the silence from Georgia feels deafening at times. I called our agency in Georgia last week, just to check in, just to feel like I had some contact... Always lovely, the coordinator of their minority program told me that it's just "a little slower than usual," but that our life book is being shown. I certainly didn't get any it-could-be-any-day (or even any-month) vibes. But they are a very reputable agency, and if they say they are showing our life books, they are showing our life books. And that means that something could happen any day, even if it might not feel like it at the moment.

After that phone call, I started contemplating the possibility of signing on with an additional agency or two, just to increase our odds. (Let's face it; we're not getting any younger.) I looked into some options, even sent away for some information. And then I called our local social worker Julie for a gut check.

Julie is a font of adoption wisdom, and although she was not strongly opposed to looking into other agencies, she did sort of leave me with a "you just have to be patient" sort of feeling. Signing on with more agencies means more paperwork and more fees. And we're with a great place that has a wonderful track record. Talking it out with Julie and hearing my own words about needing to just be more patient helped me conclude that we're in the right place for now.

So we wait, no less anxious or impatient if you want the unvarnished truth. But as I'm growing to understand, uncertainty is very much a part of the adoption process.