Saturday, March 20, 2010

Post-Placement Visit #1

Our first post-placement visit on Tuesday brought us one exciting step closer to legal finalization of Marguerite's adoption which should occur this summer.

The post-placement visit occurred over family breakfast while David, our new social worker (our old, much-loved social worker has left the practice—boo-hoo) asked us questions about bonding, attachment, and how Marguerite is fitting into our family. Of course, we had nothing but positive things to say as we gushed about our sweet Marguerite and how she's truly the perfect fit in our family.

Marguerite was quite smiley and content throughout the meeting. I think she liked David, and perhaps she even sensed the importance of this next milestone on her path to becoming legally a little Leone. Meanwhile, the five older kids kids ate their yogurt and granola. Thankfully, breakfast kept them all fairly occupied, thus preventing any major bounces-off-the-ceiling or heated debates over favorite Star Wars characters during our all-important meeting.

Joy of joys, we learned from David that, despite the "legal risk" situation surrounding Marguerite's adoption, we will be able to finalize in Wisconsin. Up to this point, we knew there was a chance that Georgia would require us to head back down there for finalization. Georgia is lovely, but there is no place like home.

Just one more post-placement visit, and then we get to schedule the court finalization date.

Three cheers for crossing off one more adoption milestone on our way to legal adoption of our sweetie!