Monday, November 30, 2009

More Action?

It looks like we will be presented with some situations either today or tomorrow. At that point, we may very well be authorizing our lifebook (profile) be sent off to birth mothers for their perusal. One of these potential situations is in Utah with a due date of THURSDAY!

This could all fall through again, but it's hard not to be on pins and needles awaiting a call...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Excitement Mounts

We're hoping to have some new situations presented to us this week. At that point, we'll be able to decide whether to have our profile presented.

Meanwhile, there is a baby with a December 4th due date who does not, as of this time, have any adoptive parents lined up. Due to some business practice concerns about the particular agency handing this case, we have not put forward any money. But if this baby is born without any adoptive parents (which seems somewhat probable at this point), we'd move forward immediately.

More reasons to stay tuned...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Updates & a Flurry of Activity

Regarding the three situations mentioned in my earlier post... We ended up holding off on having our profile shown, due to some financial and legal risk considerations.

Having said that, however, the last two weeks have been an absolute flurry of excitement since signing with our wonderful new referral service. Courtney, the owner of the referral service, has helped us improve our "life book," and we have added many new photos. Meanwhile, we've filled out paperwork for one agency that has some situations coming up. And Courtney plans to discuss some other situations with us by the end of the week.

While this might sound like "nothing happening yet" to the casual observer, I assure you, this feels like a great deal of promising activity on the road toward bringing home our newest wee one.

I can also assuredly state that there is a level of adoption-related excitement in the Leone household that did not exist a mere two weeks ago.

This adoption snowball seems to be picking up speed as we head toward the holiday season. Stay tuned...