Saturday, October 31, 2009

Getting More Interesting

We just said "yes" to having our profile shown to three different birth mothers. That doesn't mean much quite yet, but if one of those birth mothers picks us, things will start getting very exciting very quickly.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Widening Our Horizons

Today we faxed our application to an adoption referral service, Faithful Adoption Consultants. We are "branching out" a little, since all is so quiet on the Open Door front.

The referral service has her finger in many adoption "pies" so to speak. When an agency has more babies than adoptive parents, they reach out to referral services who have a pool of clients. (We are now in one of those pools.) The referral service basically puts its clients in touch with more agencies, without the clients having to pay an application fee and do all the paperwork for each of those agencies. The additional fee, paperwork, and affiliation with the agency only comes into play at such time as a match occurs (birthmother chooses a couple, couple says yes).

Courtney at Faithful Adoption Consultants has a very strong track record for fast placements. She was recommended to us by an acquaintance who was recently matched with a baby due in early November.

We are still in the queue with Open Door as well. However, if we are matched with another agency through Faithful Adoption Consultants, we will have to notify Open Door immediately, per our agreement with them and out of fairness to birth mothers. We would want to avoid any situation where two birth mothers might choose us, and we'd end up having to disappoint one.

For the moment, this "branching out" has only the effect of making our pocketbooks a little lighter. But we hope it means a sweet little one will be added to our family sooner rather than later. We're just not getting any younger, and Therese would sure love a little brother or sister. All the kids would!

And if this little one comes to us via a referral from Faithful Adoption Consultants, he or she will almost certainly not be a Georgia baby. So much for descriptive blog titles.