Saturday, May 30, 2009

We're Heartbroken

We received a call this morning around 10:00 am, informing us of the wonderful news that a healthy baby girl, 6 lb, 3 oz, had been born. I asked if the birth mother was still thinking she'd place the baby for adoption. The case worker said, "absolutely yes." This is a very firm case. She has never wavered in her decision to place this baby. We were told to pack our bags immediately in order to try to be in Georgia before the baby was released from the hospital.

You can imagine the flurry of excitement around here. The kids were just beside themselves. Joe and I frantically tried to wrap up loose ends and begin packing.

And then came the phone call at 1:30 pm. The birth mother, bless her heart, changed her mind and decided she's going to parent the baby.

It's hard to express the range of emotions we've experienced in the last 18 hours. It's numbing and heartbreaking at times. But we now have two special people who will remain in our hearts and prayers for a lifetime.

Friday, May 29, 2009

We Have News!

God-willing, we may be adoptive parents very, very soon!

Here are the events as they have unfolded over the last nine days:

Wednesday, May 20th: We received a call from Open Door, informing us that our family had been chosen by a birth mother. The birth mother felt that she was eight months pregnant and likely due in mid- to late-June. That day, we received the birth mother's medical records as well as some information about the birth father. The birth mother is Caucasian, and the birth father is Jamaican.

Saturday, May 23rd: I emailed Debbie at Open Door to ask her some additional questions. We received her response and felt even more settled with information that appeared to make this adoption look very solid.

Today, May 29th: We learned that the birth mother was scheduled for an OB appointment yesterday. We waited for word, especially interested in confirmation of a due date. When they word never came, we wondered what was happening... Joe and I slipped away for a dinner date. While at dinner, we received the most unexpected news: Our little one's birth mother was in labor! Receiving a follow-up phone call, we learned of her progression, and we sent a message to her via the case worker.

The news that she is in labor (even as I type this) was so enormously unexpected. We were anticipating a late June trip to Georgia! Now we're busy thinking about leaving in the next day or two. So many emotions, so much to do, such excitement!

On our way home from dinner tonight, we drove by the house of friends where our two oldest daughters are attending a slumber party. We wanted to tell them the news in person, and we wanted them to be able to pray for the birth mother and Wee One tonight. They were so very excited.

This is one momentous night.

If all goes well, we could be leaving for Georgia, to meet our newest bambino/a in a matter of days.

Please keep birthmom, baby and all the Leones in your prayers!


There are rumblings from Georgia that indicate an adoption may be in our near future. I will update this blog with more specifics once things look a little more certain. Exciting times!