Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dairy Cows and Wedding Bells

Less than twenty-four hours after introducing Lucia to the land of cows and cheese, we attended a friend's wedding reception. Little Lucia rolled with it all and pretty much snoozed the night away. As for the rest of us, we stumbled around like sleep-deprived zombies, but we wouldn't have missed Jen's wedding reception for anything.

The beautiful mother of the bride gets to know Lucia.
The parents of seven catch a dance while babies are held by reception-goers.
Claudia, mother of the bride, cuts the rug with Therese.
John, father of the bride, dances with Miss Marguerite. 
Elizabeth with the beautiful baby girls.
John, father of the bride, takes Kathleen—sporting a balloon hat—for a spin on the dance floor.

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